Brands Who Influence You and Who Your Brand Influences

by Malena Lott

Today, a short brand exercise. 

Grab your pen.

Grab your pen.

Grab a piece of paper and write a line down the middle of it. 

On the left side, write: BRANDS THAT INFLUENCE ME.

In the right column, write: WHO MY BRAND INFLUENCES. 

The purpose of the exercise is to take a look at who and where you are getting inspiration for your life and your business. This “clout circle” goes both ways. You learn from others, live your best life, and in turn create a product or serve that will then influence others. Not only your own customers or clients but folks in your community, locally and in your industry as a whole. Pretty cool. 

If your INFLUENCE ME list is a bit short or shallow, consider adding more depth to it by reading more books by experts in business and other who can expand your thinking. That could also include conferences and particular businesses who are a success that you’d like to follow. Doesn’t have to be in your field. Sometimes it’s better if they aren’t. 

If your unsure about who the heck you are influencing, then do some research. If you are on Klout and LinkedIn those are two ways you can see who all is following you and engaging with you. If you have a blog or column, then your regular readers would be people on that side of the paper. (My Klout score right now is 65, which is above average but to boost it I need to give +Ks and likely some other things I need to read up on.) 

In starting up Sooner Spaces, my brand influencers were, House Beautiful, Dwell, Okie Mod Squad (a local group that keeps my love for local mid-century design alive) and Retro Renovation, a blog who focuses on all things mid-century and became a grown-up sustainable site, and the local brands I’ve worked with over the years who I admire for their expertise in their service category. On my right side, we’ll be influencing home owners, design lovers, and businesses in Oklahoma as well as people who simply want to see what’s happening in Oklahoma in the spaces category for relocation, or because of a connection they have here or to visit. The goal isn’t to have a really long list, but a powerful one. 

The exercise in making the list can help you to hone in on who you are listening to and how to define your target market and give them what they want. It’s a full circle huggable moment right there. 

If your’e reading this somewhere in Oklahoma and you want to meet digital influencers (or become one) consider attending the Confluence Conference in OKC Saturday, Oct. 26th. If you’re there, find me! Would love to meet you in person. 


Check out for the latest in promotions and book parties, including our Kindle giveaway on Halloween. 

If you have a product or service in the Okla home/work/travel space, contact me to see if Sooner Spaces is right for you. soonerspaces (at) gmail (dot) com. 


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