How to Not Suck, Little Brand

by Malena Lott

Short, sweet, to the point, brandeteers:

This is  an amazing brownie bite. It just looks like a turd.

This is actually an amazing brownie bite. It just looks like a turd.

You want to be awesome, not suck, so for all the tears in your beer over being too small, too short-staffed and too short on cash flow, try these gems out to not suck.

1. Don’t say you’ll do something and then not do it.

2. Don’t ask for favors from other brands (or people) repeatedly and never return the favor.

3. Stop worrying. That negative energy brings shit down. But some THOUGHT on how to bring in new business attracts good stuff. Do that.

4. Collaborate. Listen to other people’s ideas. You might be good at a few things, but other people are good at stuff you’re not. So stick your heads together and get it out of the ground.

5. Be consistent in your delivery unless you’re delivery sucks, then keep getting better. People return to brands they LOVE who make them feel SPECIAL. If you aren’t doing that, they’ll skip along to the next whatever you do.

6. Stop being boring. What’s your name? Oh, I already forgot. Is your place boring? Is your location hard to find and gives me no reason to visit you? Is your marketing a bunch of forgettable bullets? Is your staff about as lively as the sleeping dogs at my feet right now? Wake them up. Get excited. Get your customers excited.

7. Stop doing the same thing over and over, especially if it’s not working. Try something new. Be bold. If you don’t have butterflies in your stomach every week over something you’re trying, you’re just not trying hard enough. Experiment, play, live it up.

There. Seven. Let’s start there. You might need a good brainstorming session and a local brewskie to get you through it. But no tears. Here’s to not sucking. *clink*


Branding news – writing copy for a telecom company so actually this applies to not writing sucky copy. I needed that. Doing a mind map for a client Thursday which falls into the brainstorming category. And da Vinci rocks.

Book news – new buzzTeen releases coming in October.

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